Frequently Asked Questions by parents just like you

What is the admissions process?

Our admission process at our daycare involves orientation, application, payment and contract signing. Transition process and ongoing communication with parents/guardians is made convenient through our app. We prioritize the safety and well-being of each child and work closely with families to ensure a positive experience. Contact us for more information or to initiate the admission process. We look forward to welcoming your child to our daycare!

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday through Friday 7:30am to 6pm. Extended days can be coordinated with your Director based on availability. We also offer weekend classes. We pride ourselves on being open when most others schools and daycares are closed. It is our mission to serve the hardworking parents of our community.

What do you charge?

Our rates range based on the age of the child, the schedule of care you seek and the daycare center you choose. When you divide our weekly rates by hour we remain significantly below minimum wage.

Are you open when the Department of Education closes schools?

We are open the Majority of the days the DOE is closed. We are here to make our clients lives easier. We are also open the entire summer. Clients will receive an annual calendar 1 year in advanced noting our minimal closures.

What is your illness policy?

We follow the NYS DOE illness policy. Basically, children with any type of contagious symptoms; whatsoever, are not allowed to participate in daycare. Our main goal is to stop the spread of germs and support our parents and staff alike in maintaining perfect attendance. Our full policy can be found in the handbook.

How safe and secure are your facilities?

What sets us apart from any daycare in our entire zip code is that we are the only brand that operates in private homes. There are no tenants, neighbors, visitors, household members etc entering our buildings. Our locations are exclusively used for our childcare programs. Children have full access to our large playrooms and private outdoor spaces. Each center has alarm systems and 24/7 security along with a very stringent hiring and enrollment process.

What are the requirements to become a caregiver here?

All of our caregivers must:

- Pass the background check
- Get fingerprinted
- Pass medical screening
- Pass 2 rounds of interviews and 1 round of observations
- pass 30 days probationary training under Gladys or Amanda
- Shadow a senior caregiver for 60 days
- Pass CPR & First aid
- Pass Healthy and Safety Course through OCFS
- Complete 30 hours OCFS training covering 15 core topics and more !

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