What families say about us


Ben R.

Home Sweet Home has been fantastic for our son, he's always happy to go in and it's been amazing to see how fast his language and socialization are progressing, and to see him making friends there. He always talks about Carmen and Ms. Amada when he gets home.

Charlie L.

We send our son to HSH. We love our daycare and we are pretty sure he loves it too! He has been going to this daycare since he was 6 months old. From the very beginning, the staff at HSH has been very available, organized, and responsive. The meals are a huge plus now that he is eating solid foods.

Penny W.

My now 4 1/2 yr old went to the 33rd St location from 3 months until he went to PreK. I couldn't be happier with the care - literally like family. Recently, due to an issue with another aftercare program that ended abruptly, I was incredibly grateful that Home Sweet Home was able to quickly make room for Us at their 43rd Street location.

Andrei G.

Home Sweet Home is an amazing daycare. Great food, great staff, great communication! Two locations all age groups. Check out their Instagram for daily pics and videos get an idea what I'm saying. The have trips to library, their own playground in the backyard. All kinds of activities for kids. Home made food. I can go on and on what I like there.

Britt A.

Home Sweet Home was my daughters first introduction to daycare and I couldn't be happier with the experience. The facility is clean, the staff are attentive, the food is nutritious(they got my daughter to eat soup!) and the owner is accommodating and really sweet. They've literally created a safe, fun space for children to thrive.

Brooke L.

Home Sweet Home has been the best decision we've made for our daughter.  We joined this daycare 8 months ago and she has been thriving ever since.  She's learning new words in English and Spanish at 15 months old.  The environment in itself is clean and has so many great activities for the kids to learn new skills and have fun.

Greta T.

The daycare is extremely well cared for and clean and some mornings you can smell the home cooked lunch in the works and I swear I wish I could take some to go it smells so good ! Anyone looking for a real family run, family focused daycare that truly cares for your child, HSH is the best choice you can go with. My little guy acclimated very quickly and now runs to the door to go in when I drop him off.

kar d
Kar D.

Three months ago I found home sweet home and I am so happy with my decision. My son already learned his colors, numbers and songs in English and Spanish. He eats much better and speaks with more clarity. Sleep routine is easier as they do sleep meditation during nap and he's excited every morning to go to daycare. I love all of the projects and park outings. I especially love the food they serve.

Katie V.

Home Sweet home has taken care of my 2 children since they were infants, now for after school and non-school days as they are 8 and 5.  The staff feel like family!  I could not be happier or feel luckier to have such a wonderful daycare to nurture my kids intellectually and socially.  Truly wonderful, my highest recommendation

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