13 to 24 month old toddlers will have the space to develop their walking, climbing and interpersonal skills in our large modern play spaces! 3 organic meals are provided daily to ensure their nutritional needs are met.

Insightful guidance as they grow

We feel nutrition and behavior go hand in hand. Our toddler program operates on a 6:1 ratio so for everyone 6 toddlers there is 1 licensed caregiver. Home sweet home daycare is a fully bi-lingual immersion experience which means all lesson plans are covered in both English and Spanish.

We Are Proud To Provide:

  • Organic meals and snacks
  • Bi-lingual lesson plans (Spanish, French and English)
  • Flexible scheduling catered to your needs
  • Structured environment promoting emotional intelligence and self expression
  • Creative workshops and take home art
  • Licensed and certified facilities and staff
  • A community of parents that share common values
  • Fun, safe, loving and nurturing environment
  • Five star reviews from parents like you!

More of What Matters

  • 100% student retention and referrals –thank you!
  • Convenient locations in Sunset Park, Industry City and Bay Ridge
  • Intimiate classroom sizes and 3:1 provider to
  • Positive reinforcement and direction to foster excellence
  • Modern furniture and new equipment constantly on rotation
  • Stimulating environment and interactive activities
  • Dedicated spaces and lesson plans for each age group
  • Personalized teaching strategies based on each child. No two children are the same.
  • Exciting Calendar of event that promotes a sense of community between parents and staff

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