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We pride ourselves in being efficient and transparent in all that we do. Other childcare centers refuse to share their pricing. We are proud of our program, our staff and the community we have created. Our rates are extremely affordable for the level of service, facilities and care we provide. We have created an unparalleled value to any childcare offering in the state. Therefore, we have created a tuition calculator to assist your family in their financial planning needs. Simply fill in the time slots below with the schedule of care you’re seeking. The calculator will generate an estimate for you of what your private childcare tuition might cost you weekly. Remember, this is just an estimate and there are so many variables that may not be accounted for in this tool. Your final tuition rate will be discussed with you during your tour and upon completion of your handbook.


per hour.
Wait... What?! Is that less than a nanny?

Only weekly for a licensed daycare with organic meals included!

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